Post Surgical
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Healing after Cosmetic Surgery, with Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Licensed Therapists for Post Cosmetic
Surgical Care

After liposuction, patients experience swelling, bruises, and soreness along with fluid retention.  Getting qualified manual lymphatic drainage massages after your procedure will ensure the best outcome of your cosmetic surgery.  

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Both lymphatic drainage massage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy offer far-reaching benefits. In comparison, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can aid in the treatment of serious infections, such as decompression sickness, acute or traumatic inadequate blood flow, compromised skin grafts, assisting new fat graphs and fat transfers, and necrotizing soft tissue (Necrosis). Lymphatic drainage massage helps maintain proper blood circulation body fluid balance and boosts immune functions. Check out what Priscilla's other clients have had to say.

Vixen Spa Services

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Priscilla Martinez heads vixen Spa Services. She is renowned for her patent-pending massaging techniques that she has learned by studying worldwide and undergoing a couple of cosmetic procedures of her own. Her lymphatic drainage massage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce the recovery time after plastic surgery by up to 75%.


Vixen Spa Services

Priscilla has been amazing and very professional! I just got a liposuction in my flanks and stomach. My doctor recommended Vixen Spa Services, and I can honestly say that she has offered the best lymphatic massage. She is kind and gentle, and our sessions have been positive and effective. I highly highly HIGHLY recommended her!
~ Gilberto A.
Wasco, CA